Sunday, March 15, 2009

no job, no time

I don't work. I don't have a job. And I have no time. This has been a really, really busy week. Last Sunday, Moo and I took off for sunny St. George. Not sunny enough to use the outdoor pool, but still warmer than the local scene.
Moo had workshops for two and a half days and I just hung out, shopping, and going to "spouse" workshops. (they don't differentiate for mothers.) I learned how to cook healthy (the big tip I got was to substitute most of the oil in baking recipes with ricotta.....use about 1 Tbsp. light olive oil for the rest of the fat.)
Jewelry making.....mostly jewelry buying. I bought a watch with a fancy green stone changeable band, then ran out and bought bead stuff which I will probably never use, but I got caught up in the moment. Then we learned to pack a suitcase. The lady folded men's shirts like you find them in stores, stacking them with collar 1 on one end, then collar two at the other end, alternating. She put them in large ziplocs then leaned on the bags to squish the air out.
The other tip was to send an empty water bottle through security and filling it from the drinking fountain on the other end. (not foreign water, I assume.)

We picked up beautiful planting flowers in St. George and took them home on Wednesday night to decorate tables for the RS party, an hour and a half after we got home. I had to help with the mystery part of the mystery dinner.
The next morning it was up bright and early to head off to a Dr. appointment in Provo. I spent the next day at Megan's work, helping find some errors caused by an expensive custom computer program..
Next week looks only a little better. Glad I'm still able to move under my own power and do all of this.