Saturday, November 26, 2011

Seize the day

Happy Thanksgiving!
Yep, I'm late. Things have been chaos here. Loo and family arrived late Saturday. She and the kids and I went to SLC and Provo on Tuesday to visit her work, etc (show off the kids).

Then on Wednesday,(you know, the day before Thanksgiving when I was supposed to be getting things ready for the Big Eat) an old steam engine stopped for fifteen minutes in Lynndyl so we all went in to see it. Farmer Boy saw someone he knew and asked why he was there. He replied that he was picking up family that rode from Delta. Well, after everyone disembarked Farmer Boy asked the conductor if they were taking riders. Yep, to Stockton (by Tooele).

Gramps grabbed little LL1 (21 months) hopped on the train with Farmer Boy Roo and Auntie C.(sister-in-law-who couldn't=find-her-husband-because-he-was-way-down-the-train-track-taking-pictures). Moo ran and got crackers ,etc for LL1 and took it on the train to give them. When she went to get off, the conductor told her it was too late. She had to throw her car keys out the window to Loo! All in about 5 minutes.

I had to cancel piano lessons, then Loo and I rushed to get to Stockton, about 60 miles away to get everyone! They had a wonderful time, but I didn't get much done. I enjoyed it anyway. One of the seize-the-moments.

Even with the train ride thrown in we still had a wonderful Thanksgiving with all the food and everything. Glad we seized the moment.