Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Win a Family Record Keeper!

If you'd like to win my new book, Family Record Keeper, keep reading here.
Several days ago, I announced a contest to win my new book but I failed to put a link to my website so everyone could go check it out. Well, I have stretched my learning curve to make a website, but alas, I couldn't figure out just how to put a link on my blog so please


The rules once again: 1. Go to and read about the book
2. Come back to this blog and tell me what you like or love) about the book and post a comment on this blog. On December 16, I will draw to see who the winner is and contact them by e-mail. I will need a quick reply so I can get the book in the mail for Christmas.

P.S.--Megan, Mary's daughter here. I hacked into her account and made it a link you can click on.


Andrew said...

I just heard about your book and took a look at it on your site. I think it is a wonderful idea. What a way to get things organized and together. Congratulations! I really look up to you. Good luck!
Okay, for the contest I would love to have this book to simplify my life a little and have things in one spot. Right now I have some information in one folder and other information in another. It would be a great help to not only have the information in one spot, but to also have a place to put important information that right now I still need to gather from family.
I love you Mary! You are awesome, and congratulations again!
-Katie Dutson

Heather Justesen said...

Mary, this is such a great book. I was looking through it the other day and showing it off to people. I think it's going to be a great resource for so many people. Good luck with your contest!

crazy4boys said...

Alycia sent me an email about your book and I took a look around. I think you forgot one important group of people who would love this book - military families! We've moved 7 times in 8 years with an additional 2 in-city moves. It's hard to keep all our information readily available and I'm constantly digging through boxes and folders trying to find my address from 5 years ago or the kids' last doctor, etc. This book likes a great way to keep all that important information in one place.

Congratulations on completing such a huge contest. And I'd love to win a copy!


jen402 said...

A brilliant creation to share with the world.
I would love a book to compile my life so I'm not the only one in the world who knows where the important stuff is.
Everyone should have one for all the reasons you listed and all the ones you didn't.
Great job on completing your dream.
Much success,
Jen Ethington