Monday, July 7, 2008

This is the second blog for today because the one I actually wrote yesterday vaporized.
I am going to write something different, though.
A few years ago I compiled a book about the history of Lynndyl, a very, very, very small town. Yesterday, two ladies came by to try and buy one of the books. I am out, but I do have CD's of the book. I showed them a copy of my book and they were so excited to find the names of their relatives all through the book. They found a picture of their mother as a young girl and just had to run to the car to show her. The book was a labor of love. It took me thousands of hours of work and I received no pay for it. The excitement and appreciation of people when they read it are my pay.
Right after they left, I mean within 5 or 10 minutes we heard a great big noise coming from outside. All we could do was see dust. When that settled, I called 911. I was afraid it was the ladies who had just left.
Luckily for them and unluckily for the real driver, it was a man going toward Tooele. He had rolled his vehicle several times and had cut his leg and head.
After a bit, we got him back to our front porch when he could sit down and we could check him. Luckily, a nurse was one of the first on the scene.
It was a busy Sunday afternoon.


ali said...

What a wonderful experience with your book Mary. Truly, with that book, it was a real calling.

How great that you were there to help that man after his accident.

It was a day of service for you! The perfect Sunday.

Tristi Pinkston said...

Hey Mary,

Would you pop me a note at tristi AT