Friday, October 10, 2008

Moo tagged me and told me to put down six quirky things about myself. This is impossible. There are no quirky things about me. I guess I will just have to make some up.
1. I stay up really late sometimes because if I don't think I get enough done in a day, I don't think I should go to bed. I'm not up doing things, I just don't go to bed.

2. I, too, close my eyes when I shower. I would understand if there was a mirror in the shower but there isn't.

3. When I put jelly on my toast, I only put it on one side in case I don't want it on the other side.

4. When I sit down to eat, I have three books to read, or do crosswords or anything. I don't always take three books when I sit down because some places have way more than three already.

5. I don't have a read good memory so I forget things. But I am a fast learner so when I don't remember something I just hurry and relearn it.

6. I don't like to have my feet covered at night. I actually don't like the sheets even touching me sometimes and will fidget and fidget until everything is perfect.

7. I don't like stupid stuff like cartoons (usually) One exception used to be Pinky and the Brain. And Bullwinkle of course. The Simpsons aren't stupid so I can occassionally (I never spell that word right!) watch it, but it is rude, crude, and impolite so I have to make sure I don't laugh at inappropriate things.

There you go. You wanted 6, but since they aren't true, I gave you seven.
PS I'm not tagging anyone. It is rude crude and impolite
PPS I just read the list after I posted it. When I said I only put jelly on one side of the toast, I didn't mean back and front, I mean the rounded part and the square part.
8. I can't even find my own blog. I have to go through Megan's....I mean Moo's. To get to hers, I have to go the Cynthia's. Hers is posted on our tool bar. She has this really cute little girl we like to see pictures of. We also like her blog. Keeps us up to date.
Please post comments. I like to feel like someone knows that I am here


Moo said...

Thanks for answering my tag. You do explain where a lot of my quirkiness comes from.

Manda said...

I read your blog.
Did you mention something about the quirks being not true, because they are, but it's late and I may have read it wrong.

Cynthia said...

I know you're there!