Wednesday, June 10, 2009


I've been critter-ated. Or Critter-hating or whatever you want to call it.

When you live in the country, all those cute little animals you see on TV become personal. I don't mean they talk to you.. I mean they invade your personal space. Like running across the counter, mouse-like, etc.

Yesterday, our own special critter, Oscar the dog, ate our supper. I had just set a cooked, no-effort-on-my part- rotisserie chicken on the table-that-humans-eat-on so I could cut it up when the phone rang. I heard a stirring behind me. Lo and behold! the chicken, no, I mean the chicken CARCASS was on the floor next to Oscar's mouth. He figured I'd set dinner on the table and it was time to eat.

Moo didn't know about his feast and fed him a little later. He ended up with a stomach ache. Served him right. We ended up with Taco Salad, again.

I have been trying to get a plant to take to a friend who lost her husband and a plant for her son who lives in town,too. The first ones I bought lost their petals before I could take them by. (lack of water does a lot of bad things to plants.)
So, I bought two more, one purple and one red salvia. Very pretty. They ended up in the garage for a night and a day and a night.

I made a quick trip to Fillmore this morning and when I got home, the flowers had all been eaten and most of one of the plants itself. Stupid squirrel got into the garage a day ago and made lunch for himself. And to think that I was so kind as to not run over his cousin when he ran out in the road this morning. Maybe not next time.....


Moo said...

Thanks for your new post. You have inspired me to write my own.

Marissa said...

Did you watch Kung Fu panda? Oscar kind of reminds me of the main character in that: He doesn't look like he can do much but when food is involved his inner agility manifests itself.