Sunday, August 23, 2009

Drive that wagon out of there!

Its only been two months or so since I last blogged. I know things have happened during that time, but I can't remember what. I guess blogs remember things for you if you bother to write them.

I have been involve in the local political process for many years. I've been a candidate, precinct chair, state and county delegate, county party secretary and served on the state central committee. Along with responsibilities, I have had some nice opportunities. My family and I attended a barbecue with Senator Bob Bennett at the Fillmore park on Thursday. About 30 other people attended. Before the dinner, Greg had the opportunity to speak with Senator Bennett one-on-one about some concerns he has about different issues. Afterward, there was a question and answer period where we could ask anything we wanted. It was pretty great to have such immediate access to Washington, DC.

Friday, Megan and I, and later Greg, attended a Rural Business Conference held in Delta. Originally I only attended to support them for coming to our neck of the woods. It is sad to have people go to special effort for you and not have many show up. That, however, is not what happened. The day was well attended and I learned far more than I ever hoped to. I attended two classes on Internet Marketing. I have a book I'm working on and the only feasible way to market it is through the internet. The classes were so helpful.

Senator Bennett was one of the sponsors and he attended the whole conference. Politicians sometimes forget us, with our small voting numbers and it was refreshing to be remembered.
The keynote speaker was Larry Gelwix, of "Forever Strong" fame. He gave us six principles of success. Great talk, most of which can be found on the "extras" section of the "Forever Strong" DVD

Now I have to get busy tying up loose ends on my book, the same lose ends I've had for several years. I need to quit obsessing over making it perfect and just get it done. In his talk, Larry Gelwix talked about how the pioneers sometimes had to drive their wagons over frozen rivers. Occasionally the ice would begin to crack under the wagons. Now, he said, was not the time to plan or pray. It was time to
drive the wagon out of there!

I've planned and prayed and but I think it is time for me to drive that wagon out of there.

Have a nice day.

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Marissa said...

Yay Mom! Good Luck!