Thursday, June 26, 2008

I'm writing another blog because that's what bloggers do.
I'm sitting here when I should be hard at work. The house smells faintly moldy and I know I will probably have to look under piles of stuff that should be there to find what is causing the stink.
Another entertaining day at home.
My work list for today includes getting rid of about half of my clothes. I never seem to have anything to wear, but I think that is because it is too hard to dig through everything thing to find anything. I can't get rid of my good clothes.....I may want to leave the house sometime. I can't get rid of the bad clothes....I might have to wear them to clean or paint (???what do I really want to paint???)
I have to save the ones that are too small because I might lose weight. I would have to save the ones that are too large (if I actually had any) in case I gained weight.
Question: Do you really think I can get rid of half of my clothes? Tune in later for the answer (if I get off the computer long enough to actually go to my closet.)


sue said...

It might be possible to get rid of half of them or maybe a quarter of them. Have you visited our blog? It's not very exciting though. Congrats on new car to you and Meg.

C.L. Beck said...

What a hoot! I loved this entry.

When you're done getting rid of some of your clothes, would you come and get rid of some of mine? :)

Anonymous said...

Tis a fine line we walk, ain't it? What I hate the most is having the favorite clothes that are no longer wearable, but you're so attached to them it seems like you'd be throwing a family member in the trash can. Luckily, Short Pants asked me to make him a denim quilt, so those jeans will go to a far better place... LOL

C.L. Beck said...

It's been days now. Shouldn't you be moving on and telling us if you actually gave away half your clothes? Or has the moldly smell overcome you? :) Ha ha.

Just thought I'd drop by and tell you thanks for commenting on my story, "A Simple Touch of the Heart" at my blog. I appreciate your thoughtfulness.

Beee said...

Sort of funny, turned on 60 mins the other day and caught Andy Rooney's commentary. It was all about clothes and shoes that he had in closet. Clothes that he had either bought an extra of because he liked the first one and did not want to not be able to get another, but he has only worn the "extra" once; or shoes that are "in style" so you must buy a few pair. He had of course brought the clothes with him to the office and he said he will pack them back up and then take them and hang them up in his closet at home "where they belong". Writing about the "extra" things reminds me of Grandma buying Loo the pink and white checker coat in several sizes so she would have one for quite a few years.

Marissa said...

I hope you got rid of most of them since every time I go home you make me go through my clothes and get rid of some.

Mary said...

OK, I really did get rid of about half of the clothes. I don't look any better, but I can find stuff in my closet now. At least the stuff I haven't left on the chair in my bedroom.