Thursday, June 26, 2008

I'm writing another blog because that's what bloggers do.
I'm sitting here when I should be hard at work. The house smells faintly moldy and I know I will probably have to look under piles of stuff that should be there to find what is causing the stink.
Another entertaining day at home.
My work list for today includes getting rid of about half of my clothes. I never seem to have anything to wear, but I think that is because it is too hard to dig through everything thing to find anything. I can't get rid of my good clothes.....I may want to leave the house sometime. I can't get rid of the bad clothes....I might have to wear them to clean or paint (???what do I really want to paint???)
I have to save the ones that are too small because I might lose weight. I would have to save the ones that are too large (if I actually had any) in case I gained weight.
Question: Do you really think I can get rid of half of my clothes? Tune in later for the answer (if I get off the computer long enough to actually go to my closet.)

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Finally, after two weeks I am posting another blog. Its a good thing Megan was here because I couldn't even remember how to post on my own blog.

When I was younger, I was kind of quiet, not much of a talker. In about 6th grade, I decided that when I was with my friends I would only talk when I had something important to say.
Needless to say, I didn't do much talking. But I did notice that my friends were talking all the time and they didn't really have anything important to say, either.

That is what blogging reminds me of. So I'm figuring out that I don't really have to have anything to say when I blog.

We got a new car yesterday. By we, I mean my daughter, husband and I. My daughter's car gave out on her and she needed a new one. With gas so expensive, we decided to chip in together and get a Toyota Prius. A Prius is a hybrid car with a gas engine plus a battery system that kicks in to run the car. It is supposed to get 45 miles to the gallon. Some people even brag that they get up to 60 miles to the gallon, but I think they are coasting downhill most of the time. We don't have many hills around here, so it will take us a while to break the car in before we get the best mileage.

The money we save on gas isn't going to make up the extra money the car cost, but we don't have to go to the gas pump so often and growl about the prices. We might feel like we can still take a few car trips.

Keep those comments coming. I love to hear from you.

Sunday, June 8, 2008

6-7-8 conference

I just attended a fantastic writer's conference put on by Cedar Fort Publishing in Springville Utah. It was a 6 hour conference, but the time flew by. We were given so much good, practical advice. Then we were entertained and inspired by Eloise "Surfer Girl" Owens. We were urged to "Get off the beach." We couldn't stay on the safe beach all of our lives. We needed to move to the water and learn to surf.

After watching Eloise fall off her surf board five times, her instructor asked her where she was going. Annoyed, she told him she was going toward shore. "Why, then," he asked her, "are you looking down instead of at your destination. You always go in the direction you are looking." Defiantly, she stood on her board, just one more time, and set her sights on the shoreline. Without looking back, she made the journey that changed her life.

I was inspired, not to take up surfing (no public swimsuit displays for me) but to get off the beach and find a new writing project. I'm ready to jump in the water.

I'm a blogger!

I had no desire to be a blogger and open my life up to the world, but the past two writers' conferences both had presentations on blogging and stressed the importance of having a website and a blog. So watch out world, here I come.

I was trying to come up with descriptions for my blog. I have always wanted to use the description "where you can see both ends of the rainbow" in some of my writings. It describes the scene outside my window after a rainstorm. In today's computer search world, however, some people might be misled. So I chose the sight I see at night instead. A million stars in the sky. That says a lot.